City Council Meeting (7.12.22)

Open Attachment

Pledge of Allegiance. 00:02:59

"Parks and Recreation Month." 00:03:30

Presentation of a Check to the Allen Library Endowment Fund. 00:07:25

Recognize Assistant City Manager Rebecca Vice. 00:11:00

Parks and Recreation Board Annual Report. 00:16:01

Public Art Committee Annual Report. 00:21:53

Citizens' Comments. 00:31:31

Consent Agenda. 00:47:35

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program. 01:26:18

Land Use Assumptions, Capital Improvement Plan, and Impact Fees. 01:35:59

Final report from the Downtown Steering Committee. 01:56:02

[Armor Brewing] 02:45:17

Commercial and Multifamily Residential at State Highway 121 and Custer Road. 02:56:50

Appointments to Boards and Commissions. 03:59:27

Calendar & Items of Interest. 04:02:20

Executive Session. 04:03:38

Adjournment. 04:21:19