Live On Stage @ APL : Border Radio

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You could hear almost anything on border radio, the wildest mass media story of the 20th century. It's a story of superpowered American radio stations on Mexican soil that blasted their signals from coast to coast because they were out of reach of the Federal Communications Commission’s authority. Along the way, from 1930 to 1986, they exerted a peculiar, mesmerizing influence on American music, politics, religion, health care, advertising, communications, and romance. "Brother Bill" Crawford and "Cowboy Gene" Fowler presents Border Radio --A Nuevo Vaudeville Documentary Performance at the Allen Public Library. Co-authors of the book, Border Radio -- Quacks, Yodelers, Pitchmen, Psychics and Other Amazing Broadcasters of the Universe, Brother Bill and Cowboy Gene have presented this content everywhere from the Studs Terkel radio show to Lubbock's Buddy Holly Symposium, Briscoe Western Art Museum, and the San Antonio Rodeo. "Tremendous stylistic felicity....the wildest cast in years....Boosters, riggers, and 'mail pullers' these border weirdos are way off the wall. And I haven't read a more wonderful book in years." -- London City Limits

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